Blogmas 2016

How to: Christmas Gifts on a Budget.

So, I don’t know about you but my credit card is feeling exhausted from this holiday season. From the presents, to the dinners, to events, it gets pricey. I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention again, it’s not what I think the holidays are about. Here are tips to stretch your dollar as far as possible

Make a price limit for everyone’s presents.

This way you can try and stay within it. I know you want to give your parents a grand gesture for all the Christmas’s they’ve given you. Or give your significant other that gaming system they’ve been wanting. But none of them will appreciate it if you are eating ramen in the dark because you can’t afford stuff for yourself.

My suggestion: Immediate Family (Parents, siblings, and spouse)=$20, Friends (You have to say more then 20 words a month to each other)=$15, and extended family(Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles)=$10. So using this as a guide you could be looking at spending $245 for 5 immediate family members, 3 friends, and 10 extended family. A lot better then just willy-nilly buying things. Also don’t be afraid to under spend that, if your mom gets a $12 pair of slippers she’ll love she isn’t going to compare it to the $19 sweater you gave your sister.

Group people together.

This way you only have to buy one gift for multiple people. Give both your mom and dad a waffle maker to share. 1 present for 2 people can significantly reduce how much you are spending. Get your cousin, aunt and uncle a board game that they can play as a family. Give your sister and her boyfriend that just moved into a new place together a crockpot (because everyone could use the magic of a crockpot)

Group yourself

Have a partner? Give gifts together. Put both of your names on all of them. That way it is only one gift from both of you. Go together with your siblings on a gift for your parents. Go together with your friends for other friends. Get together with your co-works for a present for your boss. Just get in groups for gifts, makes your spending a lot less.

Buy back-ups on Boxing Day.

As soon as boxing day hits all of those gift sets are going to be 25-50% off. Buy a couple they are great for Secret Santa’s, Christmas Bingo Games, and Last minute ideas for people you’ve forgotten about.

Actually, buy gifts on any sale.

Buys some of your presents (or all, like me) on Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. They are great if there are things that you actually wanted for people. They help keep in the you in your budget for bigger gifts. Use coupons, discounts, and those points from stores to help keep your wallet from dying of exhaustion.

I hope that these have helped you give gifts and save your credit card.

Sam ♥


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