Blogmas 2016

Top 10 Christmas Cookies

The C in Christmas stands for cookies right?

10. Almond Swirl Cookies


These are cookies I’ve had at Christmas but aren’t my favourite. Obviously, landing at number 10. However, they are still delicious, and the maraschino cherry on top is super festive.

Recipe: Here

9.Chocolate Pin Wheel Cookies


I felt a little guilty not including more chocolate on the list because the C in Cookie stands for chocolate, right? But pin wheel cookies are esthetic and fit well with any holiday cookie platter.

 Recipe: Here

8. Red Velvet w/ White Chocolate Chip Cookies


I LOVE Red Velvet. And red is perfectly festive. I also LOVE White Chocolate. So, these cookies are to die for. They aren’t higher on the list due to them being not traditionally Christmas-y. 

Recipe: Here

7. Meringue Cookies


These adorable little gems are some of my favourites. No matter the time of year but are extra special when dyed red and green for the holidays. 

Recipe: Here

6. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


So, one other chocolate one higher on the list because the powdered sugar on these make them look like they were dusted with snow. Adorable. 

Recipe: Here

5. Ginger Bread


The Holiday Classic. Thousands if not millions of houses are made of this stuff each year. Almost every child in the western world has made one at one point. Why not higher on the list? Because the actual taste is not that great. 

Recipe: Here

4. Candy Cane Sugar Cookies


These were always on the tray of cookies my grandma made. They are so adorable. They are they perfect cookie for any cookie platter. 

Recipe: Here

3. Ginger Snaps


20 times better then gingerbread, these soft, chewy, sweet, spicy cookies just warm up the holidays. I’m pretty sure I always imagine little girls being made of this when they say “Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice” 

Recipe: Here

2. Butter Tarts


So, these aren’t technically a cookie. But they are a Christmas must and I have enjoyed them most Christmas’s when my Grandma had made them. 

Recipe: Here

1. Short Bread


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Shortbread=Christmas to me. And Specifically “Canadian Shortbread” 

Recipe: Here


What cookies scream Christmas or the Holidays to you?

Sam β™₯


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