Blogmas 2016

Last Minute Gift Ideas

So you’ve waited till the day before Christmas to get presents. And the stores look like a post apocalyptic waste land. Shelves are empty, people are running around, there’s screaming, crying, swearing, and mental break downs from the front end staff.

Well maybe not that extreme, but pretty close.

Bath Products

This shelf usually still has products. Make your own bath kit with shower gel, lotion, bubble bath, etc. This gift can work for both males and females. Plus, because this is a all year long product, you will most likely still find some left.


There are usually plenty of movies, especially in the discount bins. Find something cheesy that people normally wouldn’t buy for themselves. Get a not quite a classic movie from 10 years ago that they just need to see. Get a classic cartoon from their childhood. There are an endless possibility with movies.


Baking some cookies are an easy last minute gift. They can take as little as 20 minutes to make. Something delicious and edible is always a great gift in my mind

Gift Cards

This is my least favourite option. But it’s an option in a pinch that some people tend to like.

Hopefully some of these help you out.

Sam ♥


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