Blogmas 2016

Re-Gifting Guide

So you got a nice set of glasses from your grandma but you are never going to use them. Re-Gift It! But be careful because it can cause some embarrassment and broken-heartedness if done wrong.

Make sure it’s Appropriate.

Make sure that when you do re-gift an item, it is something that the other person may actually want. Do not re-gift a box full of expired lube and condoms. It will not turn out well at all. Trust me. Don’t give a box of chocolates to some one who is allergic to chocolate. Some pretty simple stuff but believe me, I’ve seen it. Do however give a Bath set to your stressed out supervisor.

Make sure that the Gifter and Re-giftee aren’t close.

So your parents gave you a hair dryer. Don’t turn around and give it to your sister. “That’s a nice glass set, I gave one just like it to Sam””Huh, Sam’s the one who gave it to me” You see where I’m going with this, right? It not only causes yourself embarrassment but also the original gifter and new giftee.

Be honest.

If someone asks you if it was re-gifted just be straight up. “I did receive this from my boss but I already had one and I thought that you might enjoy this.”

So, enjoy being frugal and re-gifting.

Sam ♥


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