Blogmas 2016

Managing Time over the holidays.

So if you haven’t noticed I kinda missed a few days of blog posts. Because…. I didn’t manage my time properly. Well, not just that. Most posts were written in advance and then when I caught up I just didn’t have any inspiration and then BAM! I was probably the most busy I have been over the Holiday Season. So, here’s my tips on how to manage time.

Write down Everything.

I love having a whiteboard calendar that I can write everything for the month in. As soon as you know when there is an event or when you would like to get something done write it down. That way you aren’t forgetting or double booking. It sucks if you are trying to make it out to your grandparents and have an office party to go to. Believe me.

Pre-plan, but get committed.

If you like to have your tree up about 10 days before Christma’s,  write it down for that date. That way you know to make time for putting the tree up but also know that it isn’t a hard date if something gets put there. Just move the tree around but always keep it on the calendar. Before you know it, it’s the day before Christmas and you don’t have that tree up.

Also write out anything that you need to prepare for any event. An example: do you need to do meal prep on this dish you are bring to the potluck? Or when are you going to bake the cookies for the cookie exchange? (Believe me, you do not want to wake up at 5 am trying to bake eight dozen cookies.) Planning for the prep is just as important as the date.


If your anything like me, you want to do everything this Christmas. The lights, the ballet, the cookie exchange, work party, friends party, own party, the tree, caroling, potluck, the list goes on and on. But you need to evaluate what the holidays mean to you. Does it mean Family and Friends? Then screw going to the ballet of kids that you don’t even know. Is it being charitable? Then place putting together a hamper for the food shelter over the cookie exchange. Is it  getting a few days/weeks off to relax? Then screw the office party, you have to see them nearly every other day of the year. Know that you are only one person and you can’t possibly get everything done.

I hope these tips help you manage some time over the holidays especially now that we are in crunch time.

Sam ♥


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