Blogmas 2016

How to spend the holidays alone

So it seems that this year I may be spending the holidays alone. My family all has plans and my boyfriend will be working all day. Which is fine. If you haven’t noticed from my posts I make a big deal out of Christmas and the whole spending time with family is Christmas magic. Which is fine. And I will have the days around Christmas to spend with them which is a lot more then a lot of other people have.

Here are some ideas for you if you happen to be spending it alone too.


This is the first obvious one. There are many places that could use some extra hands over the holidays. Residential Care facilities would love to have someone come by and spend time with the elderly people. Soup Kitchen’s are an obvious, helping feed people who can afford much. Churches are also a great place to volunteer as most have some sort of Christmas charitable events, even if you aren’t religious or not that specific denomination most will be happy to have someone who is willing to help.

Call your loved ones.

Call some friends, your parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, coworkers, really anyone. If you are lonely this Christmas chances they are too.

Treat yo’ self.

Get yourself a bath set, wrap it, and open it on Christmas day. Use it. Buy yourself that book, or video game, or movie, or TV series you’ve wanted. Pamper yourself with a nice bath, some chocolate, a guilty pleasure. Because we all know you deserve it.

Go out and do something.

Take a hike/walk, go to the movies, go get something to eat, go to a park, go to a museum, see if your town has any events. Get out of your house. Get some fresh air. Enjoy a different environment.

Treat it like any other day.

Because in the end it is. It is just one day on the calendar that will pass. Especially if you aren’t religious or practicing. The holidays will pass and just be another day in the year. So just treat it like any other weekend.


I hope these tips will help if you are spending the holidays alone as well.

Sam ♥


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