Blogmas 2016

Easy DIY Gifts by Adults

So the holidays are around the corner, and it can get expensive with extended family, and co-workers, and friends. I love to make things, and a lot of people in my life love the things I make or are constantly lying to my face. But here are some grown-up gifts for adults by adults. (ps Dads love homemade gifts)


DIY candles are super fun and super easy. They are so customizable to each person with colours, styles, and scents. You can even put them in decorative jars and containers.

Some of my fave DIYs:

Peppermint Candles

Gingerbread Candles

Essential Oil Candles


Soaps are just as customizable as candles but can be just a bit more trick. However to use a homemade soap with a scent you love is luxurious.

Some of my fave DIYs:

Peach Soap

Lavender Honey Lemon Soap

Beer Soap


When I say wool works, I mean anything you can make with a ball of yarn. Whether it be crocheting, knitting, or looming. These are perfect for the winter months: cozy and warm and convenient.

Some of my fave DIYs:

Knitting Loom Hat

Crocheted Slippers

Cable Knit Scarf


Another great for the winter months DIY. Quilts are versatile and just scream “made with love.” There are so many ways to make them from super easy to interesting patterns.

Some of my fave DIYs:

T-Shirt Quilt

Log Cabin Quilt

Puff Quilt

Decorated Dishes/Cutlery

Every adult needs Kitchen Stuff. So what if I own 27 coffee mugs, if someone gives me one with a design they made themselves, I will now be the owner of 28 coffee mugs.

Some of my fave DIYs:

Sharpie Mug

Painted Handle Wooden Spoons

Frosted Glassware


Saved the best for last. Food. This one is great because I love the look on peoples face when they try something and it’s delicious. But also useful things like ingredients for things that they may cook.

Some of my fave DIYs:

Flavour Extracts

Cookie Mix Jars

Soft and Chewy Caramels


I hope this inspired some of you to make homemade gifts this season and got the creative juices flowing.

Sam ♥



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