Blogmas 2016

Holiday Drinks

A nice cozy blanket, next to the fireplace, with your fingers wrapped around a nice hot beverage. That sounds like a great holiday moment to me. Add a nice book, some holiday music, and my boyfriend snuggled up beside me. Perfect.

Here are my favourite drinks to keep warm during the holidays:

Hot Chocolate.


Lets get the obvious one out first. But it is also the most customizable. You can add so many flavours to it to make it your own special holiday drink. My favourite flavour to add is peppermint. As I’ve noted before mint chocolate is to me one of the best holiday combinations. Other great options are: cinnamon, caramel, orange, and peanut butter. There are also so many topping: whip cream, marshmallows, spinkles, candy canes, and drizzles (fo shizzle).

Spiking options: Peppermint schnapps, caramel vodka, Irish cream.

Hot Apple Cider

If chocolate isn’t your thing, apple cider most likely is. Like a hot, cinnamon infused apple juice – but 20 time more amazing. It just screams holidays to me, I have a coworker who brings it in every year and I most craft sales I have been to have free hot apple cider. You can also add so many flavours to this drink as well: caramel, pumpkin spice, orange, cranberry, ginger, etc.

Spiking options: Cinnamon Whisky, Caramel Vodka, Vanilla Vodka.



This one seems like the most boring but it isn’t. I am a firm believer that anyone who doesn’t like tea just hasn’t found the right one yet. There are so many holiday flavours from peppermint, to apple, even chocolate flavoured tea. My favourite place is David’s Tea. They have such a variety in classic and fun flavours.

Spiking options: The skies the limit, there are as many teas as there are alcohol to mix.

I hope you stay warm this holiday season.

Sam ♥


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