Blogmas 2016

Christmas Traditions

I think each household has their own set of Christmas Traditions and they are part of what makes Christmas so special. I have 3 that always seem to stick out in my mind.

Shortbread Cookies

I mentioned this is Christmas to me in my Favourite Holiday Treats. My mom makes these. They are Santa’s cookies, who always left half for me because he knows how much I love them. My mom has such a simple and amazing recipe; I don’t know anyone who has ever said they disliked them.

Pyjamas All Day!


Here is an awkward picture of me in my Jammies from last year. Every year, I get a pair and I don’t take them off until the next day. It doesn’t matter where I go, the Christmas Jammies stay on. It’s one of my favourite traditions.

Getting up at 7:00am

So this started with my older sister. She was (and still is) obsessed with receiving presents on Christmas morning. She would get up at like 4 in the morning trying to wake up my parents to get presents. So my parents said that we were not aloud to get out of our rooms till 7:00 am. We would wake up at about 5 in the morning and talk and hope and take a peek at our presents. And even when we were teens, my little sister and I would sneak into each others rooms until 7:00am to wake up our parents. So still till this day we get up at 7am, even if my boyfriend doesn’t like it.

New Traditions.

Part of getting older and starting a life with someone else is the fun of starting new traditions and combining what makes the holidays special for the both of us. My boyfriend has already stated that his family’s traditional Dutch Bread will be a Christmas staple. But who knows what other traditions will develop over the years, an annual holiday ornament? The requirement of egg nog with tree decorations? That one song that we have to sing on the car ride out to the grandparents? Only the future will tell.

What are some of your holiday traditions? I’d love to know.

Sam ♥


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