Blogmas 2016

Secret Santa Survival Guide.

So it’s the work place Secret Santa, and you got the Manager of Finance, you know nothing about him and you think you may have spoken a total of 17 words the whole time you’ve worked together. OR. It’s the extended family Secret Santa, you got your uncle Joe’s new girlfriend who you know in two months is going to be gone. Whatever your circumstance, I am here to help.

1. Snoop out your person of interest.

Take a note of what colours they tend to wear. Where they like to go for lunch. What photos they have up in their office. What kind of case they have on their phone. Whatever little thing you can find out they can lead you to the perfect gift. They wear a lot of blue, their phone case it simple but strong and wearing out. Bam! A new blue phone case.

2. Ask the people close to them

Don’t be afraid to ask the people around them. Ask your Uncle Joe. Ask your Colleagues. Find out what they do on weekends. Uncle Joe’s girlfriend mostly spends her weekend running. Bam! A pair of headphones that will stay in while she runs.

3. If all else fails. Go generic.

As long as the generic gift is picked out from you for them it will probably be fine.

Generic Gift Ideas:

  • A mug, with individual packets of hot chocolate and/or tea.
  • A scarf. (I still wear one, from… the manager of finance)
  • A bath/soap gift set.
  • Box of chocolates.
  • Alcohol
  • Gift Card to local Hardware/Book/Video/Grocery Store
  • A adult colouring book/An activity book like crosswords.
  • Candles.
  • Sampler Sets, they come in everything from perfume to coffee.
  • Quirky Bowls, like hedgehogs or owls.

Hope this helps.

Sam ♥


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