Blogmas 2016

Favourite Christmas Treats

Part of the magic of Christmas is being able to enjoy all of the great treats available. One of my all time favoutire flavor combinations is mint+chocolate and mintchocolate is bountiful arounf the Holiday season.

Premade/Store bought:

Candy Cane Kisses.


White Chocolate + Minty Candy Cane pieces = OMG, yum. My favourite stocking stuffer.

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.


Another great thing to find in a stocking.

White Chocolate Toblerone.


This is probably the least traditional but this was one that was almost always found in my stockings and made me happy.

Homemade Treats:

Shortbread Cookies.


To me, shortbread cookies are the quintessential holiday cookie. They were my favourite cookie and my mom would only make them at Christmas.

Nanaimo Bars.


Nanaimo Bars remind me of being at my grandparents on Christmas with all 8 of us grandkids, 8 adults, and 2 grandparents. There is a classic holiday movie playing on CBC in the background. I reach in to a tin pan full of treats for the coveted Nanaimo Bar. All homemade by my Grandma sitting next to the…

Butter Tarts.

Image result for butter tarts

That nice crisp shell, with that sweet gooey filling. Golden, with soft raisins. These are to die for and another great holiday treat.

I hope you enjoyed my list of holiday treats enjoyed with my family at Christmas. What does your family have around the holidays?

Sam ♥




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