Blogmas 2016

Gift Ideas of Geeks and Nerds.

I am a proud Nerd, although some people may say that my Nerd Card needs to be revoked. However the feeling you get when you receive an item that relates to the fandom that you are a part of is amazing. So Here are some Great Resources for the Nerds and Geeks in your Life.

First off ThinkGeek.


This is a wonderful website with stuff for all sorts of fandoms. You can search by what sort of item you want (ie: Apparel, Home, Toys) or by the fandom (ie: Dr. Who, Star Trek, Pokémon, and the list goes on and on.). They also often have deals and sales. They also have a point system to earn more gifts.



Etsy is great because it both supports individuals and artists. It’s easy to just search what the person is interested in and a whole page of things will come up. It is also easy to narrow your search to things like posters, jewelry, and clothes.

Hot Topic


Hot Topic is know to sell Goth and Scene items. But in more recent years they have also started to sell Geeky items especially hitting the under represented Anime market. The also have a large section for Harry Potter and Superheroes. This is also good for people who don’t like to order online because they are found in malls across North America.

Lastly, local comic book stores.

Local comic books stores can hold a variety of geeky goodies that don’t just relate to comics. This is my favourite because it supports local business.

Most geeks are impressed with anything that is related to things they like. So go out and get your geek on.

Sam ♥


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