Blogmas 2016

Believing in Santa

So, I may be considered Naïve. I believe in the magic of Christmas. It makes me happy. So, knowing all of this it isn’t hard to believe that I believed in Santa for a long time.

I had my doubts along the way. Around grade 4 when my best friend kept telling me that her mom puts out the presents while she watches TV. But this also happened to be the year that my sister and I had gotten up early. We had been sitting there giggling when all of a sudden we heard bells and we thought ‘OMG, Santa is here and we aren’t asleep!’ We were so scared the next morning that there weren’t going to be presents. There were presents and it kind of cemented my belief. In retrospect, we had a cat with a lot of bell toys and totally could have been her.

So, this went on for a few years of me doubting and by the time I was 12, I was only half heartedly believed. Then comes my Home Ec class. We are discussing tools of the kitchen. My teacher says that most utensils make great stocking stuffers. And one kid in class (100% Joking) says “I thought Santa stuffed the stocking.” That’s when my teacher said “Sorry to burst your bubble, but Santa doesn’t exist.” That is when the idea of Santa was 100% done. For a few years after that I even helped my parents pick out presents for me and my sister.

So long story short, I probably believed in Santa way longer then I should of, but I’m not ashamed. I still believe in Christmas Magic, and it is my favourite holiday.

Sam ♥


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