Good things.

I have been having a really shitty week so to remind myself of all the good and help outweigh the bad, I am going to write all of the good things.

  1. I got a cupcake.
  2. Gilmore Girls reboot is tomorrow.
  3. I got to see my work with the lights and air flow off.
  4. The Christmas lights downtown and in the parks are up.
  5. I got a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.
  6. I bought a house in Skyrim
  7. I adopted a daughter in Skyrim.
  8. My coworker gave me popcorn.
  9. My cat greets me at the door and tells me about his day.
  10. I’ve caught 20 pokemon (so far) in the new game.
  11. I had KD and hot dogs for dinner.
  12. I got to try the McDonald’s touch screen order.
  13. I got my coat refunded.
  14. I got Dr. Who christmas tree ornaments.
  15. I won Tupperware.
  16. I have good plans for the future.
  17. I have a good job
  18. I have a good boyfriend.
  19. I have a family that loves me.
  20. My sister comes home in 6 days.
  21. I have good friends.
  22. Opportunities.
  23. I put pictures up at my desk.
  24. I keep battling with the janitors on where my little piggy goes (on top of my monitor)
  25. The bad times, to make the good times that much better.

Ah, and there are 25 good things that are permanently marked so I can go back and look. And when I do the 3 bad things will probably be forgotten.

 Sam ♥


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