23 things I’ve learned in my 23rd year.

With my 23rd birthday quickly approaching, tomorrow. I’d like to take a moment  to appreciate all of the things I learned this year.

  1. Everything passes. Nothing is permanent and mistakes will pass.
  2. The legend of the Giant’s Causeway.
  3. How to make Japanese Style Curry
  4. How to make Curry Buns
  5. How to make Korroke.
  6. Several phrases in Japanese. Ohayou, itadakimasu,
  7. There is no magical number of hours to get a good nights sleep, I will always wake up tired.
  8. Cheers in German, Prost.
  9. Oktoberfest started as a wedding celebration and is about more then just beer.
  10. “Danke” is thanks in German
  11. Grazie” is thanks in Italian
  12. Some people use their forks upside down.
  13. Go with the flow.
  14. Things happen for a reason.
  15. No regrets, live with the decisions you make.
  16. You do you, boo
  17. Don’t worry about others, and don’t worry about what they think.
  18. Treat yo’ self.
  19. Shit happens but it is all about how you handle it.
  20. Emotions become unbalanced when you try to hide them.
  21. Experience as much as you can.
  22. Emojis look different on every device and can have a completely different meaning.
  23. Just be yourself, and the people that are worth it will stick around.

Sam ♥


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