The Story of Kirito (the Cat)


Once upon a time in a land far north lived 2 sisters. With the 2 sisters lived their partners in a small cottage near the woods. One day the youngest of the sisters had gone outside, and in the distance she heard a small meow. She followed the sound to shed and when she opened the door there was a small black cat with a beige collar. It looked scared and lonely, so with her big heart and love of feline creatures she took the animal in. It was gracious for the food, warm bed, and company. He was playful, cuddly, and talkative. A few hours later when the elder sister returned, she as well fell in love with him, but knew that it did not belong to them and there may be a family out there missing the small feline. So the next morning, the sisters brought the cat to the animal shelter where they could try and find the owner. After 2 weeks of no answer from anyone regarding the cat, the shelter had put him up for adoption. The sisters were overjoyed and filled out an application to adopt. Seeing as the older sister was the only one old enough to adopt an animal, she was the one on the application.

For 1 week the sisters waited patiently for a response. They had gone out and purchased items they felt they needed for a cat: a carrier, food dishes, litter box, collar, and so much more. However, they got the call saying that there was somebody else who would receive him. Devastated the sisters didn’t know what to do. He was the perfect cat: friendly, cuddly, and already trained. However, the shelter had mentioned that they could feel free to meet with the other cats at the shelter.

The eldest for the sisters had decided to visit the shelter after work. Once there, she had learned that a litter of kittens was just brought in, only weeks old. She went to the window where they were all with their mother. One little kitten looked up right into her eyes and walked over to her. In that moment, she knew she was in love. She walked over to the counter and filled out an application to take him home. As he was just a kitten, they had to wait till he was 8 weeks old.

During this time the sister had to pick out a name for him, and as both sisters had a fascination with Japanese culture and would name him something related to that. Neko for cat, Burakku for black, Tsume for claws. Inevitably, they landed on Kirito. The name of the main character from the anime Sword Art Online.

So once he was old enough, the eldest sister brought him home. He was nervous and blue at first. But everyone was pleasantly surprised by him, he knew to use the litter box, he was playful, he liked to cuddle. The eldest sister spent the night on the sofa, to be sure he wasn’t alone. And even now, he still comes to the bedroom when everyone is sleeping.

After a year and a half Kirito is still a playful and healthy cat.

TL;DR: Kirito was not the first pick but the best.



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